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Merry X-Mas Fellow Alcoholics!?!?

Question by tazman: Merry X-mas fellow Alcoholics!?!?
Tiz the season & i feel the need to share some of my story in hopes of maybe helping you too stay sober.My father passed away a couple years ago before i got sober & was also the straw that broke the camels back.I did’nt know how to handle it so ,like usuall,i drank my way back into the hospitol for the last time. Since then i went through detox.,ended up in rehab.,& now I’m involved in AA. Recently my best friend,who was also the best man at my wedding 25 years ago,passed away.{ not drug related & continuing to make a long story short) Instead of reaching out for the bottle,I reached out to help other’s get through the grieving process.I wonder now if you can guess what the moral of this story is!?!? Your friendly neighborhood Tazman
almost 2 years sober with the help of family ,friends,AA, & the BIG HP
I’m a young old-timer better late then never
I’m sorry! I’m an old youngtimer
Alcholism is a deadly disease & needs to be treated proffessionally

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Answer by impurrfect10
Thanks for your story taz. My brother was an alcoholic as well. I warned him many times that he would lose everything but he ignored me. he did lose everything…family…career and 7 years ago his life. If only people would listen. I hate alcohol and I am glad I do. GL. Hope your holiday is a little brighter this year without your little friend ( the bottle) and you are happy now to have finally learned the lesson.Gl and plz stay sober.

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