My Older Brother Smokes Pot, What Do I Do?!?

Question by No_this_is_Patrick: My older brother smokes pot, what do I do?!?
I’m 13 and my brothers 17, and he has, well, let’s just say that he’s almost been kicked out if the house a few times. A few months ago,my parents found out he smoked (I don’t actually know this for sure since we have younger kids in the family and my parents tried to keep it quiet, but Im about 99.9% sure that the discussion was about smoking) to further prove my sureness of his smoking, right after the discussion, he got EVERYTHING taken away (driving privileges, phone, etc.) for several weeks. Earlier today, I was getting on the computer right AFTER he was on, and I found that he left a page open on our computer. I’m a nerd, so I know that he’d been using our computers ‘stealth browser’ to search things up. Basically, it’s an Internet browser that uses a secret code thingy to get to it, and you can browse whatever you want, but NO ONE knows about it because, well, hence the name, STEALTH BROWSER?!? Anyways when I found that he left the browser on, I discovered something that horrified me: he did a google search for,”How to pass a when you smoke pot” I felt like crying because I’ve known this forever and even after ALL the trouble my parents went through of trying to get him to stop, he betrays them and still does it. Does he do it every day you might ask? Yes. Every night around 10:30 PM, he’ll go inside our bathroom, lock the door, and he’ll stay there until about 12:30-1:00 AM. HE WILL HATE ME FOREVER IF I TELL ANYONE, SO WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?! PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Answer by alex p
Just let him be, Marijuana is not dangerous and nothing you can do will change his mind. just relax. don’t believe misinformed information weed has proven to have many health benifets. Why do you care, let him be

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  • Irfaan M says:

    i actually came here to say something funny and douchey but i can actually feel your sadness through the question 🙁

    hope this works out

  • Jorge says:

    Smoke with him x]

  • Donkey says:

    Tell him that you suspect that he smokes pot. Then tell him that even though pot gives you health benefits IF you take the right amount, it is still illegal and you are worried about him getting in trouble with the law. Tell him it would be a lot safer and stress-free if pot was legalized. Tell him he may want to support groups who that. The rest is up to him.

    If you do not want to confront him directly, just say out loud ”Oh i heard that marijuana gives you health benefits if you take the right amount and it is illegal and yet tobacco is legal and it just does bad things for your well-being”. Make sure he is around when you say it.

  • Arnold Weebu says:

    Dam, I would tell your parents, its for the best. Honestly I really like people like you because many times ppl base maturity on age, and here you are, a 13 year old, and you are already way more mature than your own age, let me tell you man smoking pot in the first place is not something that I would consider to be bad, it is smoking pot and not being able to figure out on your own that you really don’t need it, and from what you told me your parents tried to get him to stop and he is still doing it. No offense to your brother but he is just being rebellious and dumb, this is coming from someone that has experiment with drugs before, but has ALWAYS done it to experiment and has been able to stop very shortly. Your brother can’t seem to do that, so tell your parents, sure he will be pissed, but at this point your parents already had to deal with it before, so I think it would be best to tell them.

  • James Rex says:

    there aint much you can do cause this is his addiction, he has a choice if he wants to stop smoking or continue smoking and eventually start getting into stronger drugs and get into dangerous drugs that could be fatal…i think i know his reasons why he smokes the ganja cause im ADDICTED to it myself and i got my reasons but is it ever hard to quit

  • scott says:

    First of all, your brother is just about an adult and if he wants to do it, he will continue to do it regaurdless of whatever punishments etc he has been handed out. The use will only stop when he decides so. Now, I understand, at the young age of thirteen you have probably not had much acess to true information about drugs. You have most likely heard basically that it is very bad and terrible for you. Now as a marijuana user myself, I hope this doesn’t come across as really biased. However, the use of marijuana (as I’m sure you will learn from your peers as you age) is NOT as bad as it is portrayed in the media etc. Now, under no circumstances am I telling you pot is good for you. Obviously the tar and other things in the smoke are not good for your lungs, but the actual drug (some peoples medicine) is not all that terrible for you. As stated above, I am NOT saying it is good for you. I think you need to check out the site “erowid . org” for a variety of reasons. First of all, to get some REAL information on drugs, and second of all, I want you to look how many life-destroying substances and terrible addictions there are in the world, and be thankful your brother is only smoking pot.

  • Vault Boy says:

    Okay whoever says marijuana isn’t dangerous must have REALLY smoked away some brain cells.

    Tell your parents. Would you rather have a dead brother, or a brother who’ll be mad at you for like a week?

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