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Vigil Held for Drug Addicts, Family Members

Vigil held for drug addicts, family members

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Sherwood — along with other members of anti-drug abuse groups — discussed the community involvement at a vigil for drug addicts, recovering addicts and addicts who have passed. The vigil was in Victory Park in Vermilion on … James Balotta …
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Groups seek solutions to area's prescription drug abuse epidemic

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Even though the prescription drug abuse problem looks grim, groups in the area and across Tennessee are trying to find solutions to the issue. … “I'm constantly talking to defense attorneys who say he or she wants help but there's no place to put them.”
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Ottawa closes 'loopholes' in program that would provide heroin to some addicts

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"The prime minister and I do not believe we are serving the best interests of those addicted to drugs and those who need our help the most by giving them the very drugs they are addicted to," Ambrose said. She added that the new rules will stop doctors …
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