Stanton Explains Harm Reduction for Alcoholism to Bill O’Reilly


Stanton explains harm reduction for alcoholism to Bill O’Reilly – Stanton debates Bill O’Reilly on alcoholism on the O’Reilly Report on Fox News, July 6, 2000.


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21 Responses to Stanton Explains Harm Reduction for Alcoholism to Bill O’Reilly

  • Czechitout says:

    RE: “If you drink, don’t drive. If you drive, don’t drink.?” One is undeniably an inhibitory action. This woman clearly illustrates? this. So, yes: “alcoholics”, ipso facto unlike other ppl lose more control after the first drink; “allergic reaction” etc. and are more likely to take/crave that first drink in the first place. Unless they do something about it, perhaps believing in a higher power.

  • Ted Brown says:

    But AA tells you that unless you work the steps and come to believe in a god of? your understanding you are defenseless against the first drink. Also, she would would not have driven drunk had she not driven. It’s very simple. If you drink, don’t drive. If you drive, don’t drink. Drinking isn’t the sin. Driving isn’t the sin.
    Doing both at the same time is. That is essentially what Peele said.

  • Ted Brown says:

    Stanton Peele makes some solid points. Some people in AA preach that you are powerless over alcohol and? if you dont work the twelves steps you’ll drink which means you’ll die. Thats bullshit. They think that just because it’s supposedly true for themselves its true for everyone with a drinking problem. Nevertheless, total abstinence is probably the best option for people with a tendency to abuse alcohol when they drink. But if someone learns to drink responsibly, good for them.

  • Dee de guerra says:

    MrAldollll The story about? Bill takeing LSD is in an AA book called Pass it on.

  • readyforthebattle says:

    This asshole never mentions all the people that tried to drink? again and are now in the ground. He’s just another one of these wanting to make money by writing books

  • readyforthebattle says:

    Next thing they will? be saying that heroine addict can still inject moderately

  • Czechitout says:

    This guy just makes moot point after irrelevant point: very simple: had she abstained(which is AA’s? point)- she would not have driven drunk.

  • zoroztheg4mer says:

    Also, i’m pretty sure it’s deadly to quit using heroin all at once. Atleast it is with alcohol. You need to come down? slowly on a drug for it to be healthy for you.

  • zoroztheg4mer says:

    Also, it’s the addiction? can be stronger with some people compared to others. It’s connected to for instance the specific persons psyche, some people har stronger than others. It’s just how it is. I had been smoking excessively for three years and I stop in the span of 2 months, completely.
    So don’t act like you’re the only one with experience.

  • zoroztheg4mer says:

    You missunderstand my comment I would say.
    My point is that addiction? turns into both physical and psyhological harm.
    For example, anxiety and depression are two commonly known
    psychological side effects of a drug addiction.

  • CliffordDavidVickrey says:

    I hate to say it, but Bill O’Reilly is 100%? right here

  • MrAldollll says:

    Just one question, where did you get that stuff about Bill taking LSD, I knew he suffered from depressions but nothing about the LSD part. I´d appreciate if you told me where I could? find that info.

  • MrAldollll says:

    It makes me think, if she left MM, it may be because it wasn´t helping her anymore, so she decided to ask for help to AA. I mean, you don´t found “a method” for managing alcoholism which challenges and contrast AA, and after 7 years just decide to join “the rival”. It could be, that after two months in AA, having all the tenets against it,? she could not accept it and kept drinking.

    Moreover, the organization which claims that alcoholism is a disease is the WHO (World Health Organization).

  • lmyshkin says:

    O’Reilly functions as a bully-in-proxy for his viewers so that they can experience a catharsis watching him shout down hippies, intellectuals, and liberals. In every interview, the gist is: “I don’t understand what you’re saying to me, but I’ve already decided you’re wrong before you even spoke. Nothing has changed except you’ve exposed yourself as a terrible person. Thanks for coming.” But don’t blame O’Reilly, blame? his viewers. If nobody liked his show, it wouldn’t be on air.

  • flyingsoundmachine says:

    And just to be clear, I’m not blaming the automobile industry for what happened here, I’m just saying that with all the special features they build into cars these days, I’m sure they could easily manufacture a convenient, cost-efficient, low-hassle device that could test for alcohol before you start? driving.

  • flyingsoundmachine says:

    So, this woman was in AA, relapsed and killed two people driving drunk. This happens? all the time. It happens so often I’m amazed it was even on the news. In fact, vehicular homicide as? a result of drunk driving is SO prevalent that I’m amazed the automobile industry doesn’t try do something about it. I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t mind blowing into a breathalyzer every time I had to start my car if that could guarantee there were ABSOLUTELY NO DRUNK DRIVERS ON THE ROAD EVER.

  • zoroztheg4mer says:

    Bill O Reily needs to fucking open his eyes. He doesn’t understand the concept? of an addiction.

  • Scott McLane says:

    idiotic…it’s like instructing? someone with a gambling addiction to use nickle slot machines because it’s less harmful…

  • ShrinkingSkunk says:

    Bill OReilly is one of? the biggest morons out there

  • TheSinisterKitty says:

    They aren’t getting down to brass tacks arguing about what we should tell people. The questions are whether “alcoholics” can learn to drink moderately, and if they can, is this a more attainable (and therefore safer) goal than abstention? Is an alcoholic the best? person to choose her treatment goals? All these questions fallaciously assume that people who drink problematically can be thought of as a group with the same primary condition and will respond to a treatment in a predictable way.

  • forestskog says:

    the fact that THE founder of moderation management spun so completely and totally out of control is a huge warning flag to people. But, lets also remember that she joined AA (and left MM) 2 months before the accident.

    Lets also remember that the co-founder of AA, Bill Wilson, apparently became a disaster too. He started taking LSD decades after founding AA and, perhaps worse, he apparently suffered from such extreme depression that he was a? total basket case.

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