Russell Brand Tells MPs Drug Addiction Should Be Treated as Illness


Russell Brand Tells MPs Drug Addiction Should Be Treated As Illness – Comedian Russell Brand has told MPs on the Home Affairs Select Committee addiction should be treated as an illness instead of a crime. The 36-year-old who sa…


20 Responses to Russell Brand Tells MPs Drug Addiction Should Be Treated as Illness

  • warneverch4nges says:

    How does his clothing have any effect on what he’s saying? He’s a very smart,? very kind man. It doesn’t matter if he was naked or wore a suit. Clothes don’t make a personality.

  • td ly says:

    What? angers me is that when I watched the whole programme, no one in the room would take him seriously because of his clothing choices.. Narrow minded twats

  • ilja Grauls says:

    He speaks so fast and is yet so eloquent. Sobriety agrees with him. ?

  • jediewok16 says:

    That’s a good idea.?

  • xaxie1 says:

    I although I completely agree with Russell Brand on just about everything he is saying, I personally would have worn something a little bit more appropriate for the particular? situation.

  • TPrtn says:


  • jessechensley says:

    Not my favorite actor, but damn it all if I don’t like this guy a little more with every interview I watch. Something about a guy that society generally sees as a subculture representation going toe-to-toe against? some narrow-minded politicians gets my blood pumping.

  • josh coleman says:

    that made? me laugh ahaha

  • dylansfg says:

    I don’t see how the clothes he’s wearing is relevant in any way, people should be paying attention to what he’s saying, not what he’s wearing, because it’s obviously not the main focus of the video. I think he’s become famous more for his comedy than he has? for either of those things, even if they have contributed to it I doubt he’d be as successful with just them. What makes you think I see him as a rebel because of his drug usage?

  • FerretOverlord says:

    But you’re looking at this as if an addicted individual has no impact on the world around them. Addiction increases an individual’s propensity to commit crime, and may quite possibly cost us more as a society than simply helping them would. Even if you don’t agree that we should be responsible for them, we have a responsibility to ourselves to take care of them, if only simply to reduce the impact their actions have upon us.?

  • FerretOverlord says:

    Intelligent people don’t? resort to ad hominem attacks to defend themselves. Nice try. I’ll try to make an argument on your level of intelligence: PPL R SOCIAL AMNALS TEY HAVE 2 WORK 2GTHR 2 GET THINGS DONE

  • FerretOverlord says:

    You know who you sound like? Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand idolized sociopaths because they thought only about themselves.

    Ayn Rand was fucking insane. Are you fucking insane? If not, I would recommend realizing that? our society isn’t comprised of a bunch of individuals never helping each other or interacting. It is a network of people who are interconnected on a personal level.

  • Sarah Gilmour says:

    You sir,? are a knob. And I mean that in the most derogatory sense.

  • honeymclean says:

    How can it? be an illness when its self inflicted ?

  • jqbtube says:

    You’re projecting,? cretin.

  • Proudofbeingaman Xo says:

    Says one of those 99% who’ve never known what it’s like to be rich, and thinks that being poor entitles him to coax the rich into sharing their riches with him.
    Off topic, but kinda sums you up as one of those lowlife losers who’re in a habit of? expecting a superhero to rescue him/her in the hour of crisis, for the fucked up decisions that they had boasted of making in the first place.

  • MrHomeNucleonics says:

    no? one asked you bro

  • jqbtube says:

    “There is no? society in the UK”

    Blithering moron. Society has failed in you, certainly.

  • jqbtube says:

    Another? right wing moron.

  • jqbtube says:

    No one did ask you, moron.?

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