Residential Psychiatric Treatment for Young Adults in New England?

Question by CQ: Residential psychiatric treatment for young adults in New England?
Treatment needed for an 18 year old suicidal girl with PTSD, anorexia/bulimia, drug and alcohol abuse, self-harm, depression, severe anxiety, and possibly borderline personality disorder.
Any suggestions of centers or hospitals in the Northeast, preferably in Massachusetts but not necessarily?
Thank you SO MUCH.

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Answer by D.D
The best place I know of you can call and ask them for referrals, if you want to……..I am also giving you a free version of a healing tool(EFT) you may like to apply to anything bothering her, or teach her how to do it herself, there are also therapists there also………..or seek a theraist exerienced and successful using EMDR…….otherwise without EFT or EMDR, it is an endless cycle , these methods remove the bad feelings associated with the memory , and leave just the resolved memory, i prefer EFT…………the lawlis and amen places check for everything….hormones, chemical toxins, everything……..recommended
I wish you well

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