How to Handle Questions About Employment Gap During a Job Interview?

Question by nico168: how to handle questions about employment gap during a job interview?

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Answer by island_hopper2
Tell them the truth about the gaps. If you don’t want to do that, then tell them you had some personal family issues at the time. They will move on to the next question after you say that. Good Luck!

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  • Eric H says:

    Make sure you make the gap seem like it was your own choice. You chose to take some time off to something worthwhile. Don’t let them think you were unemployable.

  • MARK P says:

    I used to say looking after a family member or something like that.

    You could also say you went on long holidays to discover yourself & life experiences.

    Or you could be really naughty & say you did some volunteer work at charity shops/hospital or anything that might relate to the job that you have applied for.

    Go for it!

  • angela b says:

    Went travelling to broaden my horizons,but it is better to tell the truth,as the truth will come out sooner or later.P.S I hope you get the job.

  • sparkie says:

    Honesty is always the best policy. I don’t think they will be as concerned about gaps as they are the length of time you spent at each job on your application. If you have a lot of jobs that you only stayed at briefly that sends them a red flag that you may not stay with them very long.

  • thegirlwholovedbrains says:

    Depends on whether you want to tactfully explain an extended maternity leave, being a stay-at-home dad, some jail time, a mental health issue, a long vacation, cancer treatment or drug addiction.

    The answers, in order, could be: “I decided to take some time off from outside work because I felt it was in the best interest of my family”, ditto, “I was out of commission for a while, but now I’m back and ready to make up for lost time”, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto.

    Anything more might be too personal and you’re not required to answer the question anyway.

    If you were just out of work because you were out of work, then say “I wasn’t able to find a suitable position during that time, but I feel that this position has a great deal of potential and I’m very excited at the opportunity.”

    My favorite response when people ask something personal that I don’t want to answer? “Why do you ask?”

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