How One Firm Successfully Recoups Its Costs; 'Breaking Bad' Legal Fan-Fiction?

How one firm successfully recoups its costs; 'Breaking Bad' legal fan-fiction?

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Walt tells Jesse to go to rehab or face termination, per his employment contract which states that anyone "who rejects treatment or who leaves a treatment program prior to being properly discharged will be terminated. … "This dashing, brilliant …
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Family ups reward to 000 in case of missing Jackson County man

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Adams was discharged from a drug rehabilitation facility in Michigan less than two weeks before he disappeared, according to the sheriff's report. “Two people from rehab said Josh was worried about some bad people he owed money to, but Josh never told …
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The Calling frontman beaten and kidnapped at gunpoint after gig

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Alex Band, 32, was getting food after a gig in Michigan when he was held up at gunpoint. He was pushed … He also dismissed claims that the attack was drug-related. Band had struggled with addiction for years, and has completed a stint in rehab. Band …
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