Have You Ever Been in Rehab for Alcohol or Drug Addiction?

Question by smiles: Have you ever been in rehab for alcohol or drug addiction?
How did it change you life? What did you learn from the experience?

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Answer by Katie

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  • raysny says:

    I’ve been through 5 rehabs for alcoholism, didn’t help a bit.

    They were all 12step-based (AA/NA), over 90% of rehabs in the US are. The others are mostly Narconon (Scientology-based) or heavily religion-based.

    I was taught that addiction was not my fault, that I had a disease, that I was powerless to do anything about it, and only by forging a new relationship with God would I be granted a fearful, day by day recovery. It is an open joke in rehab that people pay thousands of dollars in order to learn they need “free” AA or NA meetings.

    It was only by taking responsibility for my addiction that I was able to take responsibility for my recovery. No programs or groups, I just had to not pick up a drink no matter what. I am the only person that can keep me sober or get me drunk.

  • Rebecca says:

    Not myself, but my significant other went to a free rehab for 28 days and he has been clean and sober now for 4 years!!! The hardest part of getting him to go was that he was afraid that it was his “last chance” and if he failed then he would have no chances left. That is not true. As long as you are breathing, you have another chance. Basically, what he learned was coping skills to get him through whatever “triggers” used to make him pick up the alcohol/drugs. Now he goes to AA three or more times a week and he feels great because, not only is he clean and sober, he is helping others to get and stay clean and sober. This may not be the cure for everyone, but it sure has made a difference in his life and mine.

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