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Drug Rehab Centers in llinois | Free Drug Rehab Centers in Illinois – http://illinoisrehabcenters.org Drug Rehab Centers in llinois focuses on helping addicts get clean through counseling, clean and sober housing, and Illinois …


Unpacking Shirley v. Precision Castparts Corp.: when do drug rehab programs

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Second, simply entering a rehab program does not automatically trigger the ADA safe harbor provision's protections. An employee who has not been drug-free for a significant amount of time is still "currently engaging" in illegal drug use. Third …
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Looking for lessons in cancer's 'miracle' responders

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NEW YORK — Nearly every oncologist can tell the story of cancer patients who beat the odds, responding so well to treatment that they continued to live many years disease-free, while most of their peers worsened and eventually died. Dr. David Solit …
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Surgery-free treatment for ectopic pregnancy trialed

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Researchers have trialled drugs that effectively treat ectopic pregnancies, greatly reducing the need for surgery and improving the chances of healthy pregnancies in the future. Monash Institute of Medical Research (MIMR) scientists have discovered a …
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