Depression Treatment’s Quiet Revolution


Depression Treatment’s Quiet Revolution – Researchers from UNSW’s School of Psychiatry and The Black Dog Institute are trialling ketamine in people with severe depression. The recreational drug and a…


9 Responses to Depression Treatment’s Quiet Revolution

  • KennyWayne CObound says:

    Is this something I can talk to my doctor about??

  • YouReallyMuseMe says:

    MDD is a complex illness, but it? IS treatable.

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  • Alexander Henderson says:

    This method? works! Ketamine does help cure depression I know first hand! God bless the physicians and psychs out there exploring this new ground breaking treatment for patients such as myself who are resistant to conventional treatments!

  • thersbal flory says:

    i have been healing? on my own go to ANXIETYANDDEPRESSIONTREATMENT.JUPLO.COM

  • 7within says:

    As down as I feel I like to look at it as an temporary illusion my mind is playing tricks on me but I could? that TDCS treatment shown 2:11 that how you know this is good counseling or Therapy …

  • vulcanfeline says:

    while drugs may be ok for acute problems, they are not good treatment options for chronic conditions. this probably won’t work any better than any other long-term drugs.

    treating yourself – your mind,? feelings, beliefs, actions – is a much better long term solution. self-help groups DO help.?

  • vulcanfeline says:

    disclosure: i suffered from depression from < 10 yrs old. at 27ish, i was given a tricyclic that did work for a time. after than, no drugs worked for very long and it wasn't until i went to self-help group meeting that i found any lasting relief. currently (many years later) i? have occasional acute bouts of depression, only one of which was so severe that it had to be treated by drugs.

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