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How Do You Get Over a Pornography Addiction?

Question by Paul: How do you get over a pornography addiction?

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Answer by Rebek
Get in a habit of not looking at that junk. Find better things to fill your time and life with. You’ll soon get over it if you just find good things to do.

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The long road to recovery: Expert weighs in on why heroin addiction is so

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In exchange for these affects, however, heroin users are not only at risk for an overdose, but also HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, collapsed veins, liver or kidney disease and pneumonia, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This list of risks goes on.
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Despite millions spent, human trafficking's scope is unknown

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Prosecutors sought services to help the victims recover, but all the programs were designed for girls, said Rachel Ackley, an assistant state attorney in Douglas County, where the teens were kept. Kaffie McCullough, a longtime trafficking opponent …
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Anonymity Of Addiction Hurts More Than It Helps

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From the beginning, you are told you will need regular lab tests and appointments for five years and are told what you can do to help your recovery," White said. "Yet in addiction, we give people a 30-day treatment, give them a hug and tell them to …
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Teens turning to prescription drugs in Montreal

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MONTREAL—Prescription drug abuse is on the rise in Canada and teenagers are especially at risk to drugs that are accessible, inexpensive and often deadly when mixed with other substances. Sabrina … At 15-years-old she is a recovering drug addict.
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