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Addicted to Recovery: Wilderness Treatment Center Has Transformed Lives for 30

Addicted to recovery: Wilderness Treatment Center has transformed lives for 30

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Take a headstrong, entitled young man grappling with his own demons and the looming specter of addiction, and for most parents, the situation can get out of hand fast. At the Wilderness Treatment Center for 30 years, John Brekke has been taking these …
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State government tells accused criminals: kick the drugs, get help for mental

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"It addresses the needs of people with drug and alcohol dependency, mental illness, intellectual disability, cognitive impairment and homelessness. "In conjunction with Queensland Health and non-government agencies, some defendants can be referred to a …
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Women and alcoholism: Ann Dowsett Johnston on 'global epidemic'

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She began to rebuild her life, but as she was sitting in recovery meetings in church basements she noticed a significant number of women at those meetings – women of all ages and from all walks of life. Alcoholism is considered largely a male problem …
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