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Where Is a Mandatory Drug Rehab Center for Adults in Texas?

Question by Quack Quack: Where is a mandatory drug rehab center for adults in Texas?
My brother who is now 21 years old is struggling with Alcohol and Drug abuse. He has been to many volunteer rehab centers but end up getting out! He wants to change because he attempts to by going to these voluteer rehab centers but when he gets the urge he gets out. Please help!!

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Answer by Blue_Iguana
I’m sorry to hear about your brother who is struggling with addiction. It can be a difficult and uncertain process for a person to recover from drugs and alcohol, that’s for sure.

The reality is that there is no “mandatory” drug rehab centers that will lock you down during the course of treatment. The closest thing to it is court-ordered treatment, which even then often times a person can leave if they want to but will then be in violation of the courts.

If your brother REALLY wants to get clean and sober than he must be willing to do the work. He should look at his past experiences in rehab and see what it is about either himself or the facility or the type of approach used that caused him to leave. Some rehabs are like military camps, others are in relaxing residential settings. Some are very strict and severe, some are more therapeutic and based on the individual’s needs. Your brother should consider what he is getting into before he commits to make sure he can live with his decision, the wrong type of recovery approach can make someone not want to get sober. Believe me, I know that personally.

Hope this helps, good luck with your brother.

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