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Missionaries in Punjab – a Growing Concern

Missionaries in Punjab – A Growing Concern

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Their own sons and grandsons turning Christians and clad in coats and trousers and sporting toadstool-like caps will go to see them in the museums and say in their pidgin Punjabi: Look, that is the picture of a Sikh – the tribe that inhabited this …
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Chicago Fire Season 1 Review "Hanging On" – Drug Addictions, Write-Ups and

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He gives her “favors” (i.e. sex) in exchange for drugs. Just go get surgery, Severide! You're going to be away from your job either way–either you're gone for about a year in recovery, or you'll be gone for good either in rehab or dead from drug addiction.
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It's high time we started legalizing pot

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The so-called drug war has turned recreational users or addicts needing medical help into criminals. … Christ (rhymes with “wrist”) is a retired Tonawanda police captain who a decade ago co-founded LEAP – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.
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