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Connecticut Concealed Carry Permit?

Question by Mikey G: Connecticut concealed carry permit?
Would having committed myself to a drug/alcohol rehab bar me from obtaining a permit? I have never been arrested or convicted of a crime and I wasn’t court ordered to go, I made the choice myself b

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Answer by dj
Check out the list of requirements and if you feel you are OK then apply.


1. Is twenty-one years of age;
2. Is a legal resident of the United States;
3. Has a residence or business in the jurisdiction in which they are applying;
4. Intends to use the handgun for only lawful purposes;
5. Is a “suitable person” to receive a permit;
6. Has successfully completed an approved handgun safety course;
7. Has not been convicted of a felony or a violation of;
a. Criminal possession of a narcotic substance;
b. Criminally negligent homicide;
c. Assault in the third degree;
d. Reckless endangerment in the firstdegree;
e. Unlawful restraint in the second degree;
f. Riot in the first degree;
g. Stalking in the second degree;
8. Has not been convicted as a delinquent for the commission of a serious juvenile offense;
9. Has not been discharged from custody within the preceding twenty years after having been found not guilty of a crime by reason of mental disease or defect;
10. Is not subject to a restraining or p[protective order issued by a court in a case involving the use, attempted use or threatened use of physical force against another person;
11. Is not subject to a firearms seizure order issued for posing a risk of personal injury to self or others after a hearing; or
12. Is not prohibited from possessing a firearm for having been adjudicated as a mentally incompetent under federal law.

Required Documents:
1. Completed application – Call 860-685-8494 to have an application mailed out.
2. Two fingerprint cards
3. Two copies of your birth certificate or passport
4. Firearms training certificate if you are a resident of Connecticut
Renewal Information:

Change of Address:

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:

Automobile carry:
Individuals not licensed to carry handguns in Connecticut may not possess firearms in their vehicles

Places off-limits when carrying:
1. A permit to carry is required to carry a handgun outside one’s home (even though one may still be on his own property) or in any place of business in which one is merely an employee, not an owner or operator. A permit is also required to transport a handgun back and forth between one’s home and place of business, or to and from a range for target shooting.
2. It is unlawful to possess a firearm on public or private elementary or secondary school property. This prohibition shall not apply to a person with a firearm carrying permit, with permission from school officials, or while traversing school property with an unloaded firearm for the purpose of gaining access to lands open to hunting or for other lawful purposes, provided entry is not prohibited by school officials.

Alcohol and Drugs:
Waiting For Information. As always, alcohol/drugs don’t mix with firearms. That’s a pretty simple rule of thumb.

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
Connecticut is a Castle Doctrine state and does have a stand-your-ground law.

Open Carry:
Prohibited in all public areas unless one has a permit.

Localities with Varying Laws:
For additional information please contact your local county Sheriff’s office.

Forms & Links:
NRA-ILA: Connecticut Gun Laws

States That Honor Connecticut PermitPermits Honored By Connecticut

Permit(s) Honored In:
Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin
Permit(s) Not Honored In:
Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, New York City, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virgin Islands, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming, American Samoa, Illinois, N. Mariana Islands
Res Permits Only:

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