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3 Year Ban for Drug Addiction Juarez Consulate – Proof of Rehabilitation?

Question by Janet V: 3 year ban for drug addiction Juarez consulate – Proof of rehabilitation?
Where does it say “specifically” that an applicant must provide “proof of rehabilitation” once a 3 year ban for drug use is up? I would like to find this law and/or requirement.

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Answer by bobby
ask your pb officer

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Word file United Nations
Crimes Related to Homicides of Women in the Municipality of Juárez programme, it was agreed that activities for the first year would include the legal expert opinion of the International Rehabilitation No. 2 Occidente (formerly Puente Grande) 107 Third Federal Rehabilitation Centre No. 3 … Fetch Document

Word file 0010465
The country prior to the 15 October 2003 presidential elections, and that he would crack down on the media that failed to respect the ban on whom a communication was sent on 26 July 2002, was reportedly sentenced on 9 May 2003 to five years’ imprisonment and one subsequent year … Fetch Document

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