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Bobby Morley Sr. Letter: Incensed Over Sale of Incense

Bobby Morley Sr. letter: Incensed over sale of incense

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Every time you (and others) declare the "War on Drugs" a failure (its not) you send the signal that you support legalization, drug rehab, or both. Problem is there would still be money spent…a lot of it. I would like to see less ambivilance on the …


The simple things bring a joyful life

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But drugs and babies don't mix and Dodds kicked him out. Homeless at 40, Walter finally went to rehab, choosing fatherhood, sobriety and simplicity. And far from losing his ability to write, the writing was easier with a clear head. Lately, he's …
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Officials set to open Bethlehem drug treatment center

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The facility has been licensed by the state and will be an adult co-ed inpatient detox, rehab and dual diagnosis program. … "Pennsylvania has made great strides but still has some 900,000 people who need but do not receive drug and alcohol treatment.
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