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Cut Myself, Depressed?

Question by Ben Thomas: cut myself, depressed?
hi, i just want to know whats a good place to cut on my body so that i can feel it….i cut my wrist, i used to, but my parents found out….then i started cutting my stomach, it almost felt as good as cutting my wrists, but i had to cut alot to really feel it….but, its not as good anymore…so now i cut my biceps and stomach at the same time to get the same effect i used to get when i used to cut my wrist….but theyre not even close to giving me the satisfying feeling i used to get when i cut my wrist…i even tries lightly cutting my neck & face too, but that doesnt help either, nor legs

i really need to cut somewhere….i tries stopping, but my life never gets better, i need it….there is this one really amazing person thats trying to help me out, and im scared theyd leave me if i tell them i still cut…

i watched “its kind of a funny story”…do hospitals really help?….i dont think psychiatrists would help b/c i dont need one on one doctor help, and i tried medication and didnt work………….my dad wouldn’t approve of me going to the hospital and people would know about my depression & cutting, which is the last thing i need…….

i just cant stop feeling depressed = cant stop cutting………….one time i went wild and cut my whole left arm, like all of it, thats how my parents found out (they suspected something cause i wore long-sleeves the whole time)

ps. im 21 if that even matters…my life is basically over cause i have no future

i want to apologize for being so negative, and especially to my friend who’s been trying with me, but im just so addicted to depression and cutting………and just in case, i went to the hospital, how long would i have to stay there….is it 5-30 days like the movie?

thank you in advance
i also cut my arm but from the top right now, and im scared my parents might see it….is there anyway to get rid of cuts completely in a very short amount of time.

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Answer by lala
what about your hip? that part of your body’s always covered up
but wtf 21 and your life is over? go out and do something
go visit the cancer ward at the hospital or talk to the homeless people on the street and you’ll see how good you really have it

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