My Older Brother Smokes Pot, What Do I Do?!?

Question by No_this_is_Patrick: My older brother smokes pot, what do I do?!?
I’m 13 and my brothers 17, and he has, well, let’s just say that he’s almost been kicked out if the house a few times. A few months ago,my parents found out he smoked (I don’t actually know this for sure since we have younger kids in the family and my parents tried to keep it quiet, but Im about 99.9% sure that the discussion was about smoking) to further prove my sureness of his smoking, right after the discussion, he got EVERYTHING taken away (driving privileges, phone, etc.) for several weeks. Earlier today, I was getting on the computer right AFTER he was on, and I found that he left a page open on our computer. I’m a nerd, so I know that he’d been using our computers ‘stealth browser’ to search things up. Basically, it’s an Internet browser that uses a secret code thingy to get to it, and you can browse whatever you want, but NO ONE knows about it because, well, hence the name, STEALTH BROWSER?!? Anyways when I found that he left the browser on, I discovered something that horrified me: he did a google search for,”How to pass a drug test when you smoke pot” I felt like crying because I’ve known this forever and even after ALL the trouble my parents went through of trying to get him to stop, he betrays them and still does it. Does he do it every day you might ask? Yes. Every night around 10:30 PM, he’ll go inside our bathroom, lock the door, and he’ll stay there until about 12:30-1:00 AM. HE WILL HATE ME FOREVER IF I TELL ANYONE, SO WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?! PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Answer by alex p
Just let him be, Marijuana is not dangerous and nothing you can do will change his mind. just relax. don’t believe misinformed information weed has proven to have many health benifets. Why do you care, let him be

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